Advanced formula which will turn your tired hair into straight, smooth and brilliant, shiny hair. Main ingredient – ceratin (keratin) is usually a basic for healthy skin, nails and hair. Extract of ceratin brings your hair back to its natural, healthy look.


It is worldwide known therapy, it is called Brazilian Blow Out and it aims to revitalize, smooth out and restructure your hair. This process was invented in Brazil where many women complained from tired, worn out, curly hair caused by constant assault of sun and humidity. That’s exactly what CocoChoco does to your hair- it brings back the look of strong, healthy hair which is also much easier to style everyday, after the therapy. This process is based on forcing main ingredient into the structure of your hair using high temperature, so all damaged cells absorb healing substance in short period of time. Artificial, chemical treatment commonly used in hair salons is obsolete here! CocoChoco therapy is thus based only on natural ingredients which do not damage your hair long term.


CocoChoco Professional Therapy. What is it?

Keratin is being pressed into every single hair and it also provide a coat on it. That way every hair is being rebuild inside as well as outside.

Who can use CCP Therapy?

You can use the therapy on died, damaged hair, treated often with unhealthy chemicals and other substances.

What are the results of CCP Therapy?

Your hair will gain softness, smoothness and a look of straight, healthy hair. It also will look shiny, healthy and easy to style. If your hair has been died, straightening it out with ceratine / keratin intensifies its color and extends its longerity.

How long does the effect will last ?

Outstanding results of the therapy will last three to five months, which depends on the type of your hair.. Best results are achieved with thin, delicate hair. You can repeat each procedure within five weeks after first treatment.

What after the treatment?

If will strengthen, revitalize and make your hair look healthy. Therapy will shorten the time need for styling. Your hair can take sudden weather changes and do not act in humid, hot air. After styling your hair will look spectacular for long time.

CocoChoco is very COST EFFECTIVE: 50/ 60 ml is being used during one treatment when your hair is average long and thickness one 1000 ml bottle last for 18/15 treatments on average


  • CocoChoco provides ingredients of highest standard
  • CC offers best price on the market
  • CC does not contain formaldehyde
  • CC contains only natural, organic ingredients
  • CC is a therapy which revitalize structure of hair but does not change it
  • CC is a straight forward, easy process, done in  1.5 – 2 hours
  • CC is extremely cost effective

4. THERAPY STEP BY STEP: what you need?

Keratin straightening out kit:

  • Small bowl
  • Brush
  • Latex gloves
  • Comb
  • Hair dryer
  • Straightener  which will work with 215-230 ° C
  • Face mask
  • Your room need to be aired easily
During treatment follow instructions carefully:
  1. Wash your hair twice using CC shampoo

  2. Rinse a lot, dry with a towel pressing your hair gently

  3. Dry your hair using dryer in medium mode

  4. Carefully and thoroughly comb the hair

  5. Take CC  Keratinan and shake it heartily before application

  6. Part your hair into several  batches and apply keratin with a brush one part of hair after other, ½ cm from roots

  7. Use 50 to 80 ml keratin, depends on thickness and length of your hair

  8. Let the formula soak the hair for 30- 40 minutes and next dry it with a dryer in medium mode

  9. Use ceramic styling iron heated up to 230 ° C

  10. Straighten out each part of your hair at least twice and very thoroughly

  11. After treatment- tell your client not to wash for 48- 72 hours and to obtain maximum effect use only CC products during everyday styling: Suphlate Free Shampoo and Silicon-free Conditioner with keratin or Keratin Mask


  •  Wash your hair wit cleansing shampoo

  • Apply formula

  • Dry

  • Make it straight


  • Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days
  • Don’t bend your hair in any ways
  • Use straightener iron occasionally in the morning if your hair curl/ freeze because of sleep

To wash your hair you need sodium- free shampoo (SLS will wash keratin out of your hair quickly). Wash your hair as often as you need. After every wash apply conditioner containing  keratin, however that conditioner needs to be silicone- free. Silicone will damage coating of the hair. Try not to use invasive styling products that contain alcohol.


Do not dye your hair two weeks before and after treatment. Every time your visit hairdresser salon let them know you are using CCP formula, so they do not use sodium or silicon containing products. Wait two weeks after treatment before you cut your hair again.

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