O marce Cocochoco

Thanks to our cooperation with World-wide known manufacturer CocoChoco, we are pleased to introduce in Europe highly-proven hair rejuvenation products, unavailable in our market until now. After many years of proving itself in the world hair styling market, CocoChoco has become leading brand, recommended for complex, intensive hair care, using Keratin Method.

CocoChoco products gained trust and high status, because provide all qualities usually difficult to combine together:

  • EFFECTIVNESS: assured long lasting recovery and rejuvenation of hair
  • GENTLE AND FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS FORMULA:tested and perfected combination of natural ingredients, which include Cocoatree extract among others
  • VISIBLE RESULTS:within short period of time after commencing the therapy.

Highly concentrated ingredients of the formula provide complete rejuvenation of hair within an hour and half procedure. Keratin products contain natural keratin protein which restructures and rebuilds hair, together with natural substances used to activate that protein; coca tree extract among them. The process allows every single hair to easily absorb healing ingredients at this full length and unity structure of the hair. High temperature of the ironing devise helps to force the active ingredients into the inside of the hair.  

The SMOOTHING SYSTEM by CocoChoco Professional is unquestionably the most effective out of all hair rejuvenation products introduced over last decade. It is a result of innovative technology backed many years of through and insightful research. Wide variety of CocoChoco products contain miraculous keratin protein. Among those are shampoos, facials, serums and lotions.

After achieving spectacular results with Rejuvenation System by CocoChoco it is recommended to treat your hair with regular use of other CocoChoco Professional products in order to maintain necessary level of keratin in the hair. NO MORE BAD- HAIR- DAY WITH COCOCHOCO PROFESSIONAL !!!