Suitable for:

  • strongly frizzy hair
  • heavily damaged hair
  • hair dyed in various shades
  • curly hair
  • unruly hair
  • hair difficult to do
  • rough and dull hair

Oryginal CocoChoco Keratin combines natural protein keratin, which rebuilds, restores and nourishes the hair thanks to the rich content of natural ingredients - mostly cocoa extract, which activates keratin within the hair structure. The ingredients penetrate deep into the hair fiber, eliminating defects and unifying its structure on the whole length. With Keratin Original it is possible to achieve long lasting, strong straightened hair effect. This professional product provides gloss, glitter and softness of hair for a long time (the effect lasts up to 4 months).

CocoChoco Original with cocoa extract was designed specifically for extremely weak and damaged hair. Condensed organic ingredients, mineral silicone and pure keratin guarantee an intense effect of hair restoration. Thanks to the Keratin Straightening CocoChoco treatment hair regain a healthy and bouncy appearance – they will return to its natural, healthy structure. Each hair individually will be rebuilt and regenerated.


  • it straightens and smooths out any kind of hair, even unruly or heavily curled

  • it does not change the hair color, CocoChoco Oryginal intensifies and strengthens the color

  • it is a condensed, ultra nourishing product for regeneration and intensive hair straightening

  • it provides a unique softness and smoothness on the entire length of hair

  • it is safe to use, does not contain toxic substances - formaldehyde and allergens

  • besides the regeneration, another effect of the Keratin Hair Straightening treatment is an intensive and efficient straightening of the hair on its entire length. It lasts between 3-5 months (depending on the type of hair).


Suitable for:

  • heavily damaged hair
  • straw-like hair
  • hair weakened with chemical treatmets
  • wavy, curly, unruly hair
  • hair difficult to do
  • designed especially for bleached blond hair
  • perfect for thin, damaged, porous, frizzy hair

Keratin Pure is designed for strongly bleached, damaged, brittle, chemically treatments hair. Using CocoChoco Pure Keratin allows even the most damaged hair to rebuild and revitalize. This professional product gives glos, glitter and exceptional softness to the hair for a long time (the effect of treatment lasts approximately 4 months).

CocoChoco Pure with pure keratin proteins is designed specifically for weak and damaged hair. Condensed organic ingredients, natural mineral water and mineral silicone, and also the highest possible content of pure keratin will help achieve the effect of restored and "healed" hair. Thanks to this treatment hair will regain a healthy and bouncy appearance.


  • it does not change the color of the hair - especially blond hair does not turn yellow after the treatment
  • it has the highest possible content of pure keratin in a keratin product in our market
  • it deeply hydrates and regenerates damaged, dull hair, weakened by dying and chemical treatments
  • it provides hair with exceptional softness and smoothness on the whole length of the hair
  • it is safe to use, does not contain formaldehyde
  • it is an effective and easy to apply product
  • CocoChoco Pure deeply hydrates and rebuilds the structure of the hair, a mild cosmetic product designed for sensitive hair
  • it smooths the hair over their entire surface


Suitable for:

  • any type of hair
  • damaged hair
  • hair dyed in various shades
  • unruly hair
  • hard to do hair
  • hair with demanding styling form

With such combination of ingredients Keratin GOLD not only regenerates, rebuilds and effectively straightens hair – its use also provides hair with extraordinary glitter and gloss. Obviously without overwhelming them. Keratin GOLD prevents picking up static and frizzing in difficult weather conditions.

Keratin GOLD considerably reduces the absorption of water, thanks to which one is able to swim in salt water without fear of washing away the keratin inside the hair, and thus their drying and destruction. The latest achievement in the production of Keratin Gold is the fact that keratin hair straightening does not reduce the volume of hair. It leaves straight, shiny, smooth and ultra-glossy hair. CocoChoco Gold contains pure keratin, which is a natural ingredient of hair, skin and nails. It rebuilds damaged hair and gives them healthy and elastic appearance.

Keratin GOLD does not contain formaldehyde or allergens.


  • it straighten and smooths hair
  • it gives an exceptional gloss and glitter
  • it makes hair become ultra-strong and nourished - Keratin GOLD rebuilds damaged hair, and the healthy ones are even more strong and will be easier to do.
  • It makes hair more obedient, easier to do. They will never pic up static again. Even a stroll during most days will not change the styling.
  • It helps saving time – drying and doing hair after Keratin GOLD treatment will take 60% less time than usually
  • Cocochoco GOLD treatment guarantees an effective protection for hair against harmful sun radiation and from moist during rainy days
  • Keratin GOLD is a perfect choice for those who wish to have straight, strong, healthy and shiny hair